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The world is changing, brands do too. As a brand manager, you are no longer a number cruncher but all part of a new agile, online generation. More and more you own your marketing data and manage media for your digital channels. Hence, you need to be more flexible and smarter when it comes to the production of content.   An in-house studio can be the answer to be agile and create cost-efficient content, directly instructed by your own team, without unnecessary interference from external agencies.


BEP enables you to cherry-pick the best creative studio talent and scale your team based on your needs. We select freelance talent like designers, DTP, editors, creatives, project managers etc. from our extensive network that fit your job, at that moment in time and if you want, we can handle contracting and financials on your behalf.

For video productions, we can support your team with freelance brand producers to produce efficient and creative content, like online video’s, photography or commercials of scale.

We are not an agency and we are not in an in-house agency either. We select the best flexible creative, studio and/or production talent for you and take the hassle out of your hands.

BEP Crew

BEP was established in 2019 by PIP-founders Rikje Thie and Linda Brouwer,  both with over 25 years of experience in the production- and advertising industry and have been running PIP successfully for the past 12 years.

Jacqueline has many years of  experience in media operations, client and project management and is the first contact of our clients.

Anne-Vibeke is our very experienced administration queen, securing all our admin workflows, managing contracts with the freelance talent and making sure brokering services are tracked and payments are always done in time.

Jacqueline Jansen
Brand Executive Manager 
Rikje Thie
Founder | BEP
Linda Brouwer
Founder | BEP
Anne-Vibeke Lommen
Emilie Dougué.jpg
Emilie Dougué
Business Affairs
& Legal Counsil 


The founders of BEP have an experience combination of agency production and client support at various agencies and now dedicate their expertise to support brands. Their experience enables them to oversee the process and identify the needs to select the right creative suppliers for exactly what they do best. BEP operates only on your behalf, without dependencies and enabling you to take charge, to organize a truly integrated and efficient production, without unnecessary margins.  


We make sure you get best-in-class talent with proven excellent project management skills and expertise in fields that cover production for all channels.

BEP Flex Crew

BEP pre-selects independent producers, who know their business like no other. Years of experience and excellently run productions have brought them where they are and make them part of the BEP Flex Crew. We select the right level producer who can support you tailor-made for your specific needs and will work the BEP way for your production. We will support them with best practices where needed, templates, licensing contracts, workflows and all they need to deliver best-in-class expertise for your production. BEP producers can handle guerrilla production with small crews and low budgets to full-service production with high-end crews and innovative high-end techniques.

BEP selects the right freelance studio talent from our extensive network; DTP, (UX) Designers, Editors, Production Coordinators, Webinar Producers, Creatives, Photography Producers, Project Managers etc. are available for brands. We make sure the talent matches your exact need. The talents have years of experience and an excellently proven track record. We make sure you can get the work done and enable you to scale your studio.

Brand Producers
Esther Tunnissen
Talent Search
Studio Talent
Marco Visser 
Talent Search
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