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In-house Studio Support

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Most brands have a number of agencies to manage the production for different channels, but very often they don’t manage to work like a team. They find it hard to truly collaborate with other creative agencies that they often compete with for business and all have different priorities. It’s important for the brand that agencies collaborate well, to avoid duplication in work with focused assignments per agency, that are, very importantly, in sync with each other. 

To deal with these realities, brands need to take the lead. And BEP supports brands taking charge. Only when your suppliers work as a team, smart efficient production and a fully integrated production process are possible.

Brand Executive Producers (BEP’s) are experts in project management skills and have profound know-how in production workflows. They will partner with the brand team to orchestrate the process and to enable smart integrated production through all channels and agencies. BEP's are dedicated to brands and are completely independent, with no strings attached to any supplier in the market.

Brand Production

Our Brand Producers can provide in-house production services for brands that decide to take charge of their own production and prefer direct contact and buy with production suppliers in the market.

Our Brand Producers have profound knowledge of the production landscape, technique, talent and oversee all opportunities to add value to your content and manage possible pitfalls that might put you at any risk, while at all times safeguarding your budget.


They’ll give you support when selecting and assigning the best (creative) suppliers, making sure we assemble the best fit. We leverage the specific expertise for the best budget possible and manage the brand team’s production from the beginning until final delivery of the assets and wrap-up of all financials. 

In-house Studio Support

With the need for fast and smart content, more and more brands feel the demand for in-house studio facilities with flexible talent and direct contact.  Working directly with flexible freelance creative talent for design, production of banners, resizing of content, UX design, art or copy, concepting, editing, project management etc can save brands heaps of money and valuable time.


BEP enables brands to organise this in-house production by finding you the right freelance talent from our extensive network, making sure we assemble the best fit for that assignment.  

As an extra service, we can also support brands by assigning the freelancers on behalf of the brand and handling the financials, since creating suppliers and PO's can often be a hassle.


We are not an agency and we are not in an in-house agency either. We select the best flexible creative, studio and/or production talent for you and take the hassle off your hands.

Other BEP Services
  • Setting up Production Guidelines Handbook to use by all production suppliers

  • Talent & Music Negotiations & User Rights Licensing: in situations where a brand wishes to contract talent, influencers, composers, photographers, or other right owners directly, BEP can conduct negotiation and confirm in professional license agreements on behalf of the brand