BEP is a PIP service that enables brands to be more in charge of production and helps to organize production in a smart and more independent way.

The world is changing, brands do too. Brand Managers are no longer number crunchers but all part of a new agile, online generation. Execution is no longer only ‘owned’ by one agency, but is everywhere. More and more brands want to be in charge of their own production and be (a lot) less dependent on their agencies. But also true; running a campaign, handling all agencies and having them successfully work as a team, selecting the right suppliers, benchmarking their proposals and meanwhile taking care that #makingbeautifulgreatworkingcampaigns, becomes a fact, is not an easy task. It’s not some job you do next to your normal routine.  You need the experience, you need the know-how, the network, the time and the resources. 

And that’s where BEP comes in!

Enabling brands to be in charge of production!



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